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Ask Agaric: Putting e-mail addresses on a site?

My spam filter is now catching close to 300 messages a day.Since my email is the only one on the website, I’m wondering if these spams are coming via the website? And is there something that can be done to stop this?

We’d like to load all the staffs emails but I won’t do it if it increases their possibility for this much spam.


If we didn't write this already, as a rule one should not have any e-mail addresses listed on a site. There are ways to obfuscate e-mails, but it's better use the contact form.

Site name with site e-mail (in return address of e-mails sent from the site)

[To Dan] What you were talking about yesterday was covered in one of my old issues tracked on which happened to pop up today:

short version: it would be nice to have e-mail sent with a name not just an e-mail address, and we could probably provide a module/patch to do so... three to five hours tops, and that's assuming some trouble figuring out where to put it.


Switch users in Drupal without logging out for development

Ways to switch users in a Drupal site without logging out:

From code, not for development:
Safely Impersonating Another User


Search PDF attachments on a Drupal site

There's A Module For That!TM

Way back like 3 Boston drupal meetups ago, moshe mentioned a module that would scrape thru PDF attachments and allow drupal to search them...

Got any idea what that module is called?

Found it? Maybe here?

Ahh, found it direct-- here:

Ask Agaric: Theater ticketing system help


My name is Sam, and I just come across your NYPHP 2005 posting asking for an online ticketing system advice for a small theater. I'm in the same boat as you, and would appreciate if you could point me in a good direction. [...] this is for a local theater that the city recently purchased, restored, and is seeking to use as a community asset. A solid, low-cost/no-cost, online ticketing system is the next step of this process.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give.


Hello Sam,

Project Management and Time Tracking in Drupal

Agaric (planned) Timetracking and Invoice System

Dan's listing:

  • Task
  • Estimated
  • Start
  • Estimated
  • Finish
  • Estimated Hours
  • Actual Start
  • Actual Finish
  • Total Billable Hours

My refinement:
* time spent (billable, reported as comped, not reported)

Agaric time: it's all nodes
which is a ridiculously heavy way to store this information, but so what
it's the Drupal way!
or at least the Agaric way


Shared Calendar for Boston area

Jason Pramas of Open Media Boston on a shared calendar for the greater Boston area:

Agaric Utility function: set default values in an array

the original line is almost as short as the function, but if we want to add checking on "empty()" or need to change anything else, it's all in one place

Forward Drupal path to an external URL

UPDATE: A better, universal approach which should be all you need is immediately here--

Simply provide the internal path that really belongs to the old site (in 'path', and the URL you want to send things with this path to, in the 'url' value of 'callback arguments').

On third thought, this should really be done with Apache rather than making Drupal get involved. Oh well, this works too, though an Apache .htaccess or configuration file approach would be better because it would use fewer server resources.

Agaric and lots of others need: an open source, modular messaging framework

In the context of an e-mail / mailing list manager:

Every news organization, every nonprofit, every community-oriented business or organization needs e-mail that allows personalization and tracking of recipient actions in response. Another common need is for mailing lists, which allow group participation in e-mail conversation, and for forums, which allow group conversations online.

Neither need is met well currently, particularly when it comes to integration with web sites, custom processing, and (for multiple mailing lists) prevention of duplicate messages.

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