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Ask Agaric: Putting e-mail addresses on a site?

My spam filter is now catching close to 300 messages a day.Since my email is the only one on the website, I’m wondering if these spams are coming via the website? And is there something that can be done to stop this?

We’d like to load all the staffs emails but I won’t do it if it increases their possibility for this much spam.


If we didn't write this already, as a rule one should not have any e-mail addresses listed on a site. There are ways to obfuscate e-mails, but it's better use the contact form.

Style within content in Drupal: use standard HTML tags

Ask Agaric: how to get colorful, styled text within the content I write?

(See also: Why not WYSIWIG.)

One request: we are trying to get more color and liveliness into the site. Can you give me the HTML code for purple font? I’d like to change all the headings in the verbiage to purple…! Thanks.

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