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Style within content in Drupal: use standard HTML tags

Ask Agaric: how to get colorful, styled text within the content I write?

(See also: Why not WYSIWIG.)

One request: we are trying to get more color and liveliness into the site. Can you give me the HTML code for purple font? I’d like to change all the headings in the verbiage to purple…! Thanks.

Just consistently use an H3 or H4 tag (for instance, <h4>New Section!</h4>), let Dan know which (or both) is used, and these headings can be styled consistently (and in a way that can be updated later) through CSS.

That explanation apparently lacked clarity, as we received this follow-up:

Did Dan use one or the other - h3 or 4? Should use the one he used? Thanks.

For page titles Dan has used <h2> tags, but these are created automatically for you. For subheadings inside the content you will want to use the next tags down, <h3> and <h4> and even <h5> depending on the prominence / top-levelness of the section each heads. Lower numbers are for toplevel section headings, but h1 and h2 should be reserved for the site and page titles.

Dan has used neither yet in content that I know of.

On one example page for instance <strong> tags are used, but when the page is divided into proper sections, it would be better to use <h3>Name of Program</h3>. There is a toolbar to help you automatically insert tags, and not miss the closing tag.


Oh wow I did not know BUEditor came with preview functionality... click on the eye!

Follow-up addendum:

BUEditor preview is not able to display correctly the result of complex input filters such as codefilter.


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As far as this post goes....

I am going to write up a tutorial on how to use the BUEditor module and some easy css to allow your users to have A LOT of control over their content... Where talking pretty much any property that can be applied with css.. font, font size, color, etc, all available to the user with just a touch of a button.
Expect it in a week or less...

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can you please mail me that tute?
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