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Remember return $variables line in function _phptemplate_variables

So, it turns out that in your _phptemplate_variables($hook, $variables = array()) function in template.php, the return $variables line is very, very important.

As in your site self-destructs if you don't have it or accidentally comment it out.

Another helpful tip from Agaric Design Collective!

(And no, we don't learn these the hard way. Angels descend from heaven and whisper Drupal truths in our ears, complete with error output.)

Disable delete for regular users

Conclusion: Because Drupal 6 finally introduces delete permissions separate from edit permissions, Agaric's motivation for providing truly proper behavior went the way of "why do today what's been done for you tomorrow?"

Instead, we present a dirty hack.

A tweak to Agaric's form tweak module that:

Theme dropdown select form element

Adapted (taken) from All Drupal Themes:

form#place-taxonomy-terms-dropdown-form {
border: 1px solid #f2f2f2;
background-color: #FAFAFA;

form#place-taxonomy-terms-dropdown-form input,
form#place-taxonomy-terms-dropdown-form select {
padding: 1px;
border:1px solid #eee;
font: normal 1em "Trebuchet MS", Tahoma, sans-serif;

Last minute errors (Agaric overzealous cleaning crew)


1-in action space menu there should be an item visible to insiders and outsiders "overview " giving a list of elements in action space wiht their nature (the title and nature and date and number of comments)- it is still very confusing when looking

2-i have been trying to create content (other than actionsà in action spaces -NOTHING WORKS EXCEPT IMAGES
Fatal error: Call to undefined function wsf_action_autofill_places_from_group() in /var/www/d53/sites/ on line 56

Can't use taxonomy_node_get_terms immediately after terms inserted

The short version is in the title -- use your own query (or the get terms by vocab one which doesn't use a cache technique of any sort, no static variable).

The rest of the post is how NOT to do it when you're pressed for time and making stupid time-consuming mistakes.

let's transfer places

Action made in the same turn (but definitely after) an Action space (organic group) does this:

locale_refresh_cache call by Subscribe: legit or not?

When clicking on "Subscribe" on a node, it triggers locale_refresh_cache:

Making links in your theme work with Drupal localization

The name of the Agaric Design Collective member who screwed this up will go unmentioned. (The person who in the first version of this note forgot to put the print statements before the l() with t() function was me, though.)


<div class="lbutton"><a href="/findaction"><span class="buttn2">Find an Action</span></a></div>

Remixing Drupal the Agaric Way: Multilingual Panels

Step 1: Find a function that does some or most of what you want.
Step 2: Find another function that does the rest of what you want.
Step 3: Mash them together.

The situation this time: we have a Drupal 5 site (World Social Forum 2008) with i18n (internationalization module) and need translated content to show up in panels.

Update: Go straight to the patch.

Do something immediately after a node is created

Hell this would have helped:

Add 'insert/update post' op to hook_nodeapi

Why couldn't it have gone in two years ago!? JVanDyk should have forked Drupal ;-)

His book would have been "Introduction to Vrupal 1"

Oh... needless panic. For my simple needs this wasn't a problem.

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