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Combining one-to-one mysql tables into a single table

Merging tables does not mean what I want it to mean-- it refers to tables with the same schema.

I simply want to join two tables into one on a unique key.

To do that very easily

These are the tables Agaric needs to condense into one:

Avoiding loopy merges when cleaning up Place vocabularies with Taxonomy Manager

The key to preventing infinite loops in a Place vocabulary, which can be introduced while cleaning it up via Taxonomy Manager, is not to assume that just because something has the name of a country that it is a country.

Users have on occasion mistakenly put a town name in the country field and a country in the town field.

Now, I had already adapted taxonomy manager (via form_alter, without touching the its code, we did it the Drupal way!) to show this information provided by the Place module.

Putting several nodes or views on a page as tabs

<?php print theme_menu_local_tasks(menu_get_local_tasks()); ?>

“local tasks” are things like view, edit, track. they are usu. styled as tabs. menu_get_local_tasks() gets the menu structure in an array.

Menu Local Tasks - Tutorial?

mdixoncm - February 24, 2007 - 13:12

2 simple steps to understanding local tasks.

Public key on a Debian server

To allow ServerA to SSH to ServerB without password, please try the following:

ssh-keygen -t rsa

Note: User here is root

This generates two files and id_rsa

Now, this needs to be copied to the authorized_keys file on ServerB

scp ServerB:~/.ssh/

Ask Agaric: Drupal E-Commerce Payment Gateways

Can you list the other payment gateways?

Ecommerce has (the payment gateway I've picked as best independent of Drupal), eurobill, eway, itransact, worldpay (they're terrible, reject way too many cards), and flexicharge. Not sure if that's just a module or a service. And that's just what's included with e-commerce proper, there are third-party contrib modules also.

Best way to do this is for you to pick the payment gateway you want, odds are Drupal has already been extended to work with it.

Re: [] World Social Forum 2008 site, great initiative!!

Hi Martijn,

Yes, we will be giving every bit of code and configuration back on

The SVN repository is public also.

We'd be happy to give you the Places vocabulary populated by the participants of WSF2008. Remind us right when you need it-- the later it is, of course, the better and more complete it will be ;-)

Pierre's some ideas on the specs

Note this predates Agaric's proposal for the WSF2008 project.

Hi Jason and Benjamin

in the spirit of our chat of last thursday i have tried to go further
in some aspects - this may help for the monday chat to which i cannot participate- will post on the wiki soon

How to make server respond to e-mail verification requests

Request for help at May First People Link here:

Hi Jamie,

You solved the problem of some e-mail servers (including an e-mail host of mine and another MayFirst member) requesting a verification of e-mail that one of the MayFirst servers wasn't responding to.

I knew I needed this for Stedile but I thought I could figure out what I needed to do from your e-mail. I was wrong!

Alternative proposal for country selection: splash page

From Jason if Agaric's collective memory is working:

Idea for the country selection:

We put a pre-home page with a big title, a nice background (could be the wsf worldmap for now) and the list of countries by continent in 5 columns.
I would also like to have a spot there - we have one available soon.
Plus a button to skip directly to the home page below in the center of the footer.

This would allow us to have people link directly to their country/language page.

It should be quite easy to do, since it is just links to nodes of the site.

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