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Change the number of columns in a grid view

You may be asking yourself: why did I find this information at some site called Agaric Design Collective? Beats us. If you can find the right place in the Drupal handbook ( for this information, please put it there!

Looking at the code of views_bonus_grid.module:

  // set default count.

  $cols = $view->gridcount ? $view->gridcount : 4;

It would seem that putting

$view->gridcount = 2;

(replace two with your chosen number)

into "Argument Handling Code," "Argument Code:"

Views FastSearch, Exposed Filters, and Table View

With this set up of Views FastSearch, multiple exposed filters, and a table view, everything shows in just the first column, rather than putting the fields in their respective columns. All the data is shown though.

Posted issue here:

No answers:

Best way for Views to efficiently size columns

A better table view?

Uninstall with aptitude: remove

To uninstall something with aptitude:

aptitude remove something

Darn it, we need a new aptitude.
This aptitude does not have Super Cow Powers.

Dan Hak

Benjamin Melançon
I tried to uninstall ftp on stedile to make dkg happy, and there is no uninstall command so I got the help text
which concluded with, "This aptitude does not have Super Cow Powers."
aptitude remove proftpd
is the syntax for uninstalling. That might change with super cow powers though.

WSF Payment system - USSF and PayPal question

Ah-- ussf-tech is on my gmail account, along with drupal-dev, drupal-this, apache-that, journalism-this.... let's just say during WSF my personal e-mail backlog, which has no mailing lists, reached 500. I would have seen this within a couple days though when I do my review ;-)

Using Firebug with Drupal

For using Drupal with firebug:

added this to drupal_set_message:

drupal_add_js('console.error('.json_encode(array('Drupal Backtrace'=>debug_backtrace())).');','inline');


Web site uptime monitoring tools

These notes more refer to monitoring servers themselves:

Debian uptime measurement tools
Debian uptime measurment tools
site uptime monitoring tools


Too many redirects, page fails to load issue with i18n and Global Redirect modules

So "suddenly" developed an issue where switching the language through the CSS dropdown would result in an infinite redirect loop and no page being displayed

The output from Charles alternated between something I can't show you (a 301 redirect I think) because the very, very aggressive shareware "you must pay" nagware shut it down (saved my life, but...) and this:

High-capacity MySQL random notes

my.conf mysql max connections

grep -h oom-killer /var/log/kern.log{.0,} | cut -f1, -d: | sed 's/$/:xx UTC/' | uniq -c

aptitude install mytop

mytop -u wsf2008 -d wsf2008 -p pASsWoRd

This is just too funny.

Delete unused taxonomy terms from a free tagging vocabulary

Wish taxonomy terms would get deleted when a node is deleted, if they aren't used by any other content?

Agaric brings you the next best thing.

@TODO ben-agaric: turn this into a module

Basically we want to delete any term that doesn't exist in the term_node table, though it would be nice to do this by vocabulary (as in, nice not to accidentally delete your carefully set up non-free tagging vocabulary)

Virtual actions on WSF2008?

Agaric conclusion: using the same action spaces and actions -- meant to be located both in time and on a map -- for virtual actions is not a good idea.

"we are interested in creating something that will enable our members
around the world to participate virtually in the WSF 2008 day of action

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