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Unsetting things in Nodeapi View works to hide them

function wsf_action_nodeapi(&$node, $op) {
  if ($node->type == 'action') {
//  when showing a node: load, view, alter
    switch ($op) {
      case 'view':
        // unsetting things in nodeapi view *does* work

Users and usernodes getting out of synch

it's quite annoying... the only way to delete a usernode is to delete the user. So to delete orphaned usernames I assigned a bunch of them to New Test, and deleted the user New Test (directly through user/##/edit rather than an admin interface). This worked great, except... it left the New Test usernode orphaned!

(I can see a vicious cycle here)

Unpublishing for now, to keep it out of lists (remember to filter your user pages by published), but we'll have to be aware to look out for more user/usernode weirdness.


Add action form print_r dump - for easy reference for form_alter and form theming

modern version of add action form

Agaric output this form for the sake of setting a more logical default start time for the date module CCK field here,

We're keeping it around for the fun that could be had with time zones...

[#id] => node-form
[nid] => Array
[#type] => value
[#value] =>

[vid] => Array
[#type] => value
[#value] =>

i18nmenu too many calls to refresh cache?

There is no reason for i18nmenu to be doing this. Is there?

Testing nodeapi to see when it lets us do what

So we have testing the data available to see what happens when we try to save one our action-space associated actions or other content.

The nodes created are 571: Required, an Action space (organic group).
And 572: A new action to test, an Action.

Locale slowing stuff down, too many cache refreshes: investigating the professional way

So I finally found a thread where folks went about investigating what caused the locale cache refresh issue in the more Drupalish way:

locale initialization slowness

And in particular this debugging patch:

taxonomy_term_count_nodes() flakes out: empty white screen when term has itself as parent

So yeah, that's pretty much it. Agaric's place module (place_taxonomy to be precise) has a custom page to display all countries with the number of actions and other content posted in them (yes, we will replace this with views eventually).

Somehow (Taxonomy_manager? Places_taxonomy's own save?) the term "Milano" got itself as a parent. The result: taxonomy_term_count_nodes() flakes out and causes the custom /countries page to display an absolutely empty white screen, no error messages anywhere.

Agaric wants to be able to have a page view associated with a block view with arguments

Pass view URL argument for block to page via more link

Just do it. It works.

Research: Similar, not what we need:

Panels arguments get picked up by Views sometimes, sometimes not

In fact this person doesn't even get his question answered, but his export of his view is a nice example, including PHP code in the "empty" text.

Passing a variable from one Panel to another Panel, both using Views?

Calendar date foreach() issue for preceding non-date arguments

Fixed in dev version

KarenS - October 7, 2007 - 19:53
This was something that used to work and got broken as the Calendar acquired more features. I just committed a fix to the dev version of the module that should make it possible to use a non-calendar argument in front of calendar arguments, which will let you dynamically filter the calendar by whatever that argument is.

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