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Override Panels 3 layout theme templates

To theme a panels layout you simply copy a .tpl.php file from modules/panels/plugin/layouts/[tempate_name]/panels-[template-name].tpl.php
to your theme directory (or any subdirectory of your theme directory.

Note that the CSS file is not overridable the same way.

Can views template files go in a subdirectory of a theme?

Yes! And not just a single views folder, but directories under that for view name and even, beneath that, display name. Dividing by view name is I think as far as we'll want to go.

Organizing your Views templates

Theme not registering modifications to the basic node template

zen subtheme not recognizing changes to node.tpl.php
but it IS taking modifications made to node-TYPE.tpl.php

The culprit?

Organic Group's node-og-group-post.tpl.php overrides node.tpl.php

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