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Install and enable pspell for Apache with PHP5

This is a package requested by, at the least, the Coder Tough Love Drupal module.

Searched around for a fix to the error message on the coder tough love settings page that there was nothing to configure because it didn't have the pspell package installed, nothing at results for ubuntu pspell, enable pspell, php5-pspell, enable pspell linux said exactly what to do.


sudo apt-get install php5-pspell
sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

is all you need on Debian / Ubuntu.

Drupal's Enable hook can be tucked away in the .install file

A cool thing about hook_enable is that Drupal can find it in your .install file, even when the module has already been installed and you are just enabling it.

(As evidenced by implementation of hook_enable in comment.install and all over contrib dot install files.)

So you can keep it out of your main .module file and throw it in your .install file.

Drupal's hook_enable can be in .install.

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