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Making DraggableViews work for Files (and any Entity) Not Just Nodes

If you make a Files view a draggable view, with an integer field and using the FieldAPI handler, everything looks great except for this error:

Undefined property stdClass::$nid in draggableviews_handler_fieldapi->get()

and the fact that it doesn't work at all.

A series of updates, ever lates Views dev, causes a Class 'views_handler_field_entity' not found fatal error

The update sequence below - even with a ridiculous amount of cache clears - cannot run over the new Views-3.x-dev code. (Error at bottom.) However i did confirm that registry_rebuild() in a bootstrapped test.php can restore the site at least.

The solution in this place is just to do a deployment, which is due anyway, before beginning on the Continuum branch - the first two updates, anyhow, run fine on the more stable release candidate 1 Views, and then when the code is updated the final update also runs fine. I don't like it but there's nothing blocking about this.

very wrong attempts to load a specified Drush alias configuration file


It's funny if you weren't there. Trying to call and use a Drush aliases file. First of all, the flag is --alias-path (this is missing from drush topic global-core-options but mentioned in drush/examples/example.alias.drushrc.php) and secondly it takes the directory not the file name. See Settings for sets of sites: Putting Drush configuration into your project repository.

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