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How to reset the theme registry

Update for D7:


drupal_flush_all_caches() should work for just about anything. registry_rebuild() alone did not work in my tests.

Drupal 6

The Drupal function to reset the theme registry is drupal_rebuild_theme_registry (D6).

You can add it to your template.php while developing:


Adding it to template.php works, of course, even if where you're altering the theme registry (and need to see it reset) is from work you're doing on a module.

Remember to take it out again!

Installing devel module and using its reset cache function is probably easier and definitely better practice.


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or there is a setting in the

or there is a setting in the "Devel" module that does this. if you use Devel


As noted, Devel does this. So does Admin menu. And the Zen theme has registry rebuilding on every page as a built-in option.

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