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Find text anywhere in a MySQL database (use PHPmyadmin)

I just had a quick Drupal question. We need to search our site and make sure a link is never used directly on any of the pages. I know Drugal is a sql backend -- is there a quick and easy way to just search the database for that?

Yes, there are ways. If it is in content Drupal's built in search should do it. Otherwise, PHPMyAdmin has a good every database table / every field search that's a good deal more complicated than a simple SQL command.

That's your best option: the alternatives are manually doing "SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE fieldname LIKE '%example%'; but that's a lot of fields and a lot of tables in Drupal; or doing your own searches on

So yes there's a PHP+MySQL solution to searching the entire database and the easiest way to get it is to install PHPMyAdmin if it is not already:

sql command find in any column or table
search mysql database
mysql find
how does phpmyadmin full text search work (answer: with a foreach loop or two, of course!)


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