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Drupalcamp, How to and Q & A session notes

drupalcamps session

drupalcampNYC - eric goldhagen

drupalcamps and barcamps - people getting together and being productive a lot of good coding came out of it

how to guide to drupalcamps

what is a drupalcamp
why a camp not a con
how many people
how much $
where are they held
how often are they held

drupalcamps grew out of barcamps ->
created by people for the people
loosley organized - 100 - 150 ppl, within 1 or 2 hours, you can define 2 days of sessions
great way to engage the community!!

traditional cons take time and have a reputation

discover your community

why drupalcamps? because they are easier

opportunity to give back

chicago - 250 and 350 peeps

san fran, la, 350, 450 people

nyc, 6th in 4 yrs... on a 6 month schedule,, at a university, with a waitlist,, 100-150 showing up, 150-200 signing up

denver 60 - 80 people

cost are minimal
venues can be donated
food and drink - actual hard costs.
la 2007 150 people - 2 days brekky, and lunch, and coffee, printing office supplies, 1500$ or so
convention ctr in la was free but wifi cost them 4000$ -- they were charging per IP addy, whole thing cost 5200, they werent allowed to provide food

eric g - uni sponsorships, look into community, find a space in community
nyc costs range from 3500$ - janitorial fees, double pay on sundays
drupalcampnyc on sat, buttons, stickers, schwag, tshirts, far too much money, not much value to camp, 1000$ to print tshirts
better spent on stickers.... 1 day camps are more accessible,
schools have projectors, otherwise yuo have to rent them

stickers are best bang for buck, 100$ for 500 stickers

drupalcamp stickers on laptops can get you jobs


core of organizers - was there a leader? mailing list?

google docs for registration? sure but for us? nah, drupal baby? but noone controls the website. wiki pages for suggestions, ideas, volunteer to do lists

use webform module... or anything for ppol to register


of people in a room - between 20 and 40 ppl

of rooms - at least 2 rooms, always start with at least two rooms

a charging room, all rooms will get used if you have em
charging room is a sweet idea

planning for capacity with wifi

universities are the best for quality wifi

food. costco is your friend... friend with a large truck

at least some beverages of some sort

water and soda for 300 for 2 days is an enormous volume, DONT FORGET COFFEE

dont send people out to eat coz that'll eat up time

convention ctrs are not unionized, the workers are and they have a deal with the ctr

BARCAMPS ARE FREE! if you charge something people will show up if they reserve, nominal charge might work

beginners vs advanced - an unconference, unorganized, do some outreach to possible speakers

nominal charge - who gets the money, where does the money go

leftover $ can be donated to drupalcamp.... someone setup a local llc for this, own bank acc and stuff.

try not to handle money if possible, get ppl to pay for stuff directly, or just be transparent about the money

make sure there is transparency with the money... a expenditure report, financial report that is posted online

drupalcamp boston? can we do one at encuentro5?


it's the sponsors duty to support and give back!

business is sorta important too, a lot of resistance to no marketing here !!



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