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Drupal 7 module development gotchas

First we discovered that you need a .module file for your module to be recognized. A .info file is not enough. (In this case, we only wanted the .install file, we made an empty .module file, and all was well. But then we wanted to add some functions to that empty .module file...)

Now we have found that you need to declare

files[] = agaric_example.module

in your file for your agaric_example.module to be read!!!

This is a gotcha that'll get ya before you even get going. So declare your .module as a file you want in your .info file and be on your way to Drupal 7 module-making goodness.



This may have been a bug...?

... This is not a pre-requisite in Drupal 7 - perhaps a bug in an early release?

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