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Agaric Site Reorganization

Fix RSS output for CCK node types so that information from all important fields are included

Solution for RSS, CCK and Views...

I think this is basically what the Contemplate module can do? But can it be used to theme RSS only, and leave regular theming to node-type.tpl.php files?


Stop showing irrelevant results from my own site on internet searches: de-emphasize listing pages


I want to de-emphasize listing pages-- I'm not sure I don't want them indexed, and I certainly want them spidered so everything else will be indexed -- I'm tired of our own site coming up in search results when it isn't relevant, simply because so many terms are together on a big listing page (as for a taxonomy term).

Mass hosting and Drupal

If we go for all CivicSpace On Demand former customers, some background on their and other ways to do mass hosting:

(Nedjo, the initiator of the first two posts, is ex-CivicSpace, notably)


Restoring the Agaric logo

Many of our sites link to an Agaric Design Collective logo by the inestimable Dan Hakimzadeh (I literally don't know what that word means– he made a great logo, but then didn't fix the links to the image, so we're giving him the benefit of a toss-up).

From the directory on my computer with the image, we upload it to my home directory on Agaric's server:

scp LOGOSMALL.png ben@agaricserver:~

Now up on Agaric's server, me make a directory for it, move it into position, and rename it– in two steps!

Project Management in Drupal

Agaric wants awesome project managing tools of, by, and for Drupal, ideally incorporating Getting Things Done principles.

[Old notes]

Project Management Module - a huge, long, immortal thread documenting many people's search for one:

The one Drupal uses -- tied to CVS?

Greatest copy shot ever written, coming soon to Agaric

All great copy shots should:

Be five words in length.
Not mention the brand name.
Be declarative.
Be grammatically complete.
Be otherwise standard.
Contain alliteration, metaphor, or rhyme.

Agaric wants rotating user pictures!

Not much more to say about that... but it would be somehow more human and real to have a changing assortment of pictures representing users on a site along with their posts, rather than a single, static, unchanging mug.

I guess instead or in addition to this concept making user pictures NON-retroactive would be part of the concept-- the picture of you with your three-year-old post should be you from three years ago, not two months ago.


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