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Unhosted: Freedom from monopoly platforms

Wow... just wow... this looks to be the decentralized infrastructure that People Who Give a Damn / Visions Unite needs to match its decentralizing of power!

Unhosted is a project for strengthening free software against hosted software. With our protocol, a website is only source code. Dynamic data is encrypted and decentralised, to per-user storage nodes. This benefits free software, as well as scalability, robustness, and online privacy.

A website is a specific web app, hosted on a specific server farm. There is a limited number of big centralized websites, that we all connect to. This is not how the web was intended to be.

Unhosted web apps are not hosted on one specific server farm. They use CORS to offload each user's encrypted data to where this specific user has specified in his WebFinger. The once-important server farms now become commodity infrastructure.

There's a manifesto and downloadable code-- qualified with "proof-of-concept (not real usable code yet, please contribute if you see errors in it)".

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