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Time Tracking and Hours Reports in GitLab with GTT

GitLab has time tracking (caveat: Unfortunately this is the Enterprise Edition, not the fully Free Software Community Edition). See:

What it doesn't have is any evident way to see, in a reasonable overview, this time that's been tracked.

I got no responses asking this in #gitlab on IRC: Is there any UI for seeing tracked time by person? I can't find it (or any project overview of time tracked) and it's not documented if there is. As a fallback, is there a way to export this time estimate and tracked information? I'm on but we might go self-hosted at some point, so i'm interested on info about both. didn't have much.

Never did find the documentation for the API of getting tracked time. But i found an awesome tool that makes full use of that API:


Installing that command line wonder was pretty easy.

Upgraded Node on my system with:

Installed Yarn per this:

And then followed the installation instructions:


gtt report "uc-davis/patient-hm-brain"

Project-specific configuration

In a .gtt.yml in the root of your project directory you can define the project that gtt should use so you don't have to type it each time, along with other options you want for the project. For instance:

project: nichq/nichq-community
showWithoutTimes: true
closed: true
- issues
- stats
- issues
- records

Here we have set the project (its path on, that we want it to show issues that do not have times (so we can see what we've estimated), to include closed issues (so we get the full time count), and to not include merge requests in queries or reports because we track all time on issues.

More usage examples

These examples require the project-specific configuration—at least the project being set—by a file like the one shown above.

View only a single sprint (milestone)

gtt report --milestone="Sprint Basinga"

Output a PDF

gtt report --milestone="Sprint Basinga" -o pdf -l basinga.pdf

Output CSV files

gtt report -o csv -l nichq-community-time-2017-12-08.csv

Different CSV files will be created for each section of the report, with the command above for example resulting in:


Get time worked for a particular user for a given time period

gtt report -u mlncn -f 2018-01-01 -t 2018-02-01

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