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Share RSS feeds between two Drupal sites

This is the basic, basic approach.

Drupal RSS feed aggregator
external RSS block
display RSS feeds in a block

On the site you'd like to get feeds from...
Drupal turn on RSS feeds

just find the section you care about, try adding /feed to the end if no little orange block is there

This is from one Drupal site to another, running off the same damn code base...

The RSS-feed from seems to be broken, because of error " invalid schema ".

UPDATE: You'll be amazed how much better it works when you put the title in the title field and the url in the url field, instead of vice versa.

The title is the first field in the form and the URL is the second field in the form, if others out there, like me, also suffered brain damage as a child... or at least dyslexia.

Why do I want the url to come first so badly? I'm doing it again... - benjamin

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