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JavaScript Bookmarklet to open a web site's path in a new window with a different base URL

This is useful when manually checking each page on a site to the corresponding page on a replacement site, as the final check before taking the new site live.

Starting with the basic documentation-style JavaScript, and hacked at it:




Final Version, with non-greedy matching in there between the http:// and the closing / (all those slashes escaped, which is what makes the replace look pretty crazy). Note that the target site (example.agaric etc) is hardcoded anyway so this fancy javascript regex is a little gratuitious:


Drag that code or this link - CheckOriginal - to your browser's bookmarklet bar, modify as needed (edit the bookmark) and click whenever you want to check one site's page in the other's.

UPDATE: Dump all the width, height, etc junk in order to just let the browser handle a new window or tab as it normally would.



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Great job!

Thank you for this.
It saves me a lot of work when i want to edit a page since the production server is on another location.

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