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Design 4 Drupal 2011

JQuery Mobile

Started with a theme. Eventually figured out i had to create a module, also.

var jqm = JQuery.noConflict

actually loads and uses the older

Q: Design for mobile, or let smart mobile browsers zoom and stuff?

Well, you con use mobile tools to only

Mobile tool build mode.

Raphael – Introduction by

Raphael: vector graphics.

Browser support for everything from IE6 (really) to Android (post Honeycomb).

20kb gzipped Javascript.

Completely different thing from HTML5 <canvas>.

Raphael has a low z-index, other things will appear in front of it, by default.

Can select by ID.

Can even use the JQuery selector.


Can get fonts with Cufon. [Hmm. I think i'd avoid putting any fonts in here, a drawing program, and avoid Cufon in favor of @fontface anyway.)

Contributing to the Community for Joy and Gain (Design for Drupal Boston 2011 session proposal)

This proposed session didn't make it on the schedule, but we'll be perfecting this concept which we can't help but write about and take notes about and wax political about.

Contributing to the Community for Joy and Gain

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