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Drush command to output variable_set statements for given variables

Drush in vim:

" Pulls in Drupal variables (from Drush) and outputs variable_set() calls for
" each variable.
" Todo: Should probably check to see if drush can bootstrap
function! s:DrushVariableGet(args)
exec "normal o"
exec "r !drush variable-get --pipe " . a:args . " | sed 's/$variables\[\(.\)\] = /variable_set(\1, /' | sed 's/;$/);/'"
exec "normal ={"
command! -bang -nargs=
-complete=file Dvar call s:DrushVariableGet()

vi ~/.vimrc
:set paste
and then paste that in.

See also:

These resources do not tell you to put your function in your .vimrc:

Had to get that from here:

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drush command output variable_set for variable vim vget


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