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WYSIWYG module gotcha: after upgrading or changing editors, delete profiles to resume

If you change wysiwyg editors, you have to delete the profiles and start anew.

wysiwyg drupal cannot select editor

Editor selectbox disabled

Trac plugins

Kathleen Murtagh's giant list...

Project Management Tools:

White Screen of Death on Importing CCK Content Type with a Date-Time Field

Importing a CCK content type with fields, that had just been exported from an identical site (did some work offline) failed with the oh-so-helpful white screen o' death (aka whitescreen, blank page).

Found no reports about this in the CCK issue queue or online elsewhere. Through cutting out parts until it worked, Agaric has been able to identify the field calling the error.

Here is the problematic field's definition, as excerpted from the export output we were trying to input into the import:

SStoring third-party libraries outside the upgrade path

Definitely best practice for all libraries that cannot be included on due to GPL or other reasons.

Dan discovers in the FCKeditor WYSIWYG documentation

Extract the archive and copy its contents into a new folder in the following location:

So the actual library can be found at:

Sweet! If only they were all consistent!

Spam blocking options for Drupal Webforms

Explaining to a friend what I do.

(most of my work is doing things like googling "drupal stop webform spam" but unfortunately in some cases like this it doesn't bring anything up)
(*anything useful)
Shreya: AntiSpam Protect Web Form Captcha Plug-in for Drupal |

ben: you found the weirdest module i've ever seen


SEO and Meta Tags

(to a client, part of a long e-mail on doing their site. They had written that SEO would be easy because we could just grab the meta tags from the old site.)

A note on SEO:

Meta tags are, by and large, irrelevant to modern search engine results because they were abused so much in the past. The description meta tag, though, is quite important not for ranking, but because Google uses it as the text below the link that people can read before deciding to click through to your site or not.

Drupal's Enable hook can be tucked away in the .install file

A cool thing about hook_enable is that Drupal can find it in your .install file, even when the module has already been installed and you are just enabling it.

(As evidenced by implementation of hook_enable in comment.install and all over contrib dot install files.)

So you can keep it out of your main .module file and throw it in your .install file.

Drupal's hook_enable can be in .install.

Mission statements and branding of various Drupal shops

Drupal shops, front pages and about pages as of June 3, shops separated by ***

Lullabot provides consulting and training for Drupal and other open source software. We know all the buzzwords and can provide friendly expert guidance on your next web project. [featuring a graphic with the "Give a man a fish.." saying, and then the Drupal logo at the start of the text]

Custom nameservers

using your own nameserver to point to another DNS control panel

1and1 does not do custom nameservers.

Enom does.

Dreamhost domain management also allows custom nameservers.

Most Drupal shops point their own DNS at their hosts:
Lullabot, Palantir, DevSeed uses

Acquia is using

(lost the links these came from)

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