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Free Software Cross-Platform Rachota Task Time Tracker

Article about it:

Rachota edit task time
-- you move time from one task to another.

Looking for a Rochata -- sorry, Rachota -- export to CSV option, not finding it, may have to wrangle that from the XML (or have Drupal import the XML).

White Screen of Death on Importing CCK Content Type with a Date-Time Field

Importing a CCK content type with fields, that had just been exported from an identical site (did some work offline) failed with the oh-so-helpful white screen o' death (aka whitescreen, blank page).

Found no reports about this in the CCK issue queue or online elsewhere. Through cutting out parts until it worked, Agaric has been able to identify the field calling the error.

Here is the problematic field's definition, as excerpted from the export output we were trying to input into the import:

PHP function to format seconds as hours:minutes:seconds

Could not find a built-in PHP function to convert seconds to minutes and such, so here's a utility function candidate. Seems it should be easier...

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