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Adding third-party code to Agaric's core site repository: Print module's PDF functionality

At Administer › Site configuration › Printer-friendly pages, the PDF tab will tell you:

No PDF generation tool found! Please dowload a supported PHP PDF generation tool. Check this module's INSTALL.txt for more details.

Git non fast forward failed to push some refs WHAT?

sudo git push
To /srv/git/drupal-6-agaric-core.git
! [rejected] master -> master (non-fast forward)
error: failed to push some refs to '/srv/git/drupal-6-agaric-core.git'

Uh... right.

But do not fear! This error likely just means other changes have been made that you should pull in first.


Agaric wants current Songbird's mp3 player playlist on Drupal site

Agaric wants open source integration: today's itch, list current Songbird's current mp3 player playlist on Drupal site.

Songbird takes plugins. Drupal takes modules. Everything is open source free software. All we need is a little time and knowledge!


Git on Windows

Easiest maybe best way is to create a new public-private key pair in Git, as mentioned in Getting Started with Git and GitHub on Windows:

ssh-keygen -C "" -t rsa

Another fix for public key denied errors, mentioned on the GitHub discussion group, was

tuning my .ssh/config file to include these lines:

AVI to Flash conversion and taking still images from video files

AVI to Flash

Apparently, converting to Flash is pretty easy with open source tools:

AVI to PNG or JPEG screenshots

And getting screenshots directly from AVI is not so easy...

GNU but Windows only:

A commercial option:

Where is my Drupal? How to find a lost Drupal site on a server if you can still get to the site

Agaric Design Collective would like to stress that this note was written while working on an existing site of a client, on the client's server, before we started working with it. We at Agaric are not in the habit of using web sites.

The formalities dispensed with, I've had reason enough to wish to know where a site's codebase actually lives that I threw it into Agaric's Enabled Modules module as a little bonus.

Testing patches for Drupal from a Windows machine

There are various approaches to getting a usable development environment working on a Microsoft Windows machine. Here are some:


Best bet, virtualbox? Let's you make believe you're actually on, say Debian Linux.

File upload not working on Mac OS X development environment

Update: Solution

slarosa reported on this "Files Don't Attach" thread that the only thing that fixed file uploading was:

EXPLICITLY SET the upload tmp dir in php.ini to be THE SAME of the tmp dir set up in the file upload config in Drupal; for instance:

vi /Applications/xampp/etc/php.ini
Then in the file, make sure this is set and not commented out:
upload_tmp_dir = /tmp

That's how to do it.

For historical fun Agaric's misdirected debugging will stay down here.

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