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Raphael – Introduction by

Raphael: vector graphics.

Browser support for everything from IE6 (really) to Android (post Honeycomb).

20kb gzipped Javascript.

Completely different thing from HTML5 <canvas>.

Raphael has a low z-index, other things will appear in front of it, by default.

Can select by ID.

Can even use the JQuery selector.


Can get fonts with Cufon. [Hmm. I think i'd avoid putting any fonts in here, a drawing program, and avoid Cufon in favor of @fontface anyway.)

Where is my Drupal? How to find a lost Drupal site on a server if you can still get to the site

Agaric Design Collective would like to stress that this note was written while working on an existing site of a client, on the client's server, before we started working with it. We at Agaric are not in the habit of using web sites.

The formalities dispensed with, I've had reason enough to wish to know where a site's codebase actually lives that I threw it into Agaric's Enabled Modules module as a little bonus.

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