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Powering Drupal search with Apache Solr

After having spent some weeks in the US with my colleagues from Natick, Massachusetts, and Providence, Rhode Island, I am back in Germany now. We went to DrupalCon DC together which turned out to be an inspiring event for a Drupal newbie like me. One of the sessions I attended was More than search; how ApacheSolr changes the way you build sites by Jacob Singh.

What is Solr? Here's what the developers say:

Testing patches for Drupal from a Windows machine

There are various approaches to getting a usable development environment working on a Microsoft Windows machine. Here are some:


Best bet, virtualbox? Let's you make believe you're actually on, say Debian Linux.

Update a Debian user's password and passkey and grant sudo access

For a user named agaric:

sudo passwd agaric
Enter new UNIX password:
Retype new UNIX password:
passwd: password updated successfully

From a different server with working id_dsa public key that had been cat'd into authorized_keys:

scp authorized_keys

Then back on the server to which we're updating this user, from your own home directory to which you just uploaded the authorized keys file.
sudo mv authorized_keys /home/agaric/.ssh

Debian and Postfix e-mail setup, Internet Service Provider style

In short Agaric needs a robust e-mail solution for ourselves and our clients.

Debian Administration :: Handling mail for multiple virtual ...

The immediately needed fix:

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