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Macbook batter not charging. Scared to unplug at 86%

MacBook model A1181, battery A1185.

Plugged in it won't discharge the battery any more, but it won't charge either.

This is new.

And not good.


macbook battery stops charging at 98%, is it dying already?

Not my problem.

Thought maybe related:

Open 7zip files on a Mac

Tip from the excellent, simple

The Unarchiver

Uncompress RAR, 7zip, tar, and bz2 files on your Mac. Many new Mac users will be puzzled the first time they download a RAR file. Do them a favor and download UnRarX for them!


Salesforce module difficulty logging in to from Drupal


I am working for a current Salesforce commercial client and we are integrating Salesforce with a new Drupal web site. For both their account and my developer account, authentication fails using the e-mail and password. I know that Salesforce protects against unauthorized access by IP-based whitelists, and I am wondering if this is the problem.

We have not received e-mails at either account noting a failed login, and am wondering if there is a place in the admin interface that I have missed and can enable the web site.

Drush unable to checkout from CVS error

drush Unable to checkout from

Fortunately, someone smarter than me solved the problem for themselves in three minutes on #drupal-support:

<phpgirl> Anyone here use "drush"? I'm trying to install a module and I get "Unable to checkout views from"
<phpgirl> Ah, it would help if I actually had "cvs" installed, heh

Confirmed that this was my problem with the negative non-answers to these commands:

man cvs
cvs --version

And then installed CVS:

Drupal RSS Feed Not Working: Check Alias Conflict

If you have a Drupal RSS feed, such as blog/feed, that instead takes you to only a node, check that there is no path alias created (go to admin/build/path) for, in this example, 'blog/feed'.


Forum post listed in count, not showing up in Drupal forum

The overview, with three posts promised:

The forum, with only two posts:

The absent post, that says it is in the forum:

Similar problem?

List styling frustration: removing bullets

(Ran into similar problems adding images. Is it a matter of a more specific rule somewhere overriding it?)

ul#agariclist list-style-type: none;

not related i don't think but damned if i know anything anymore

#homepage .panel-col-first .view-data-field-action-shot-fid .item-list {
  list-style: none;

#homepage .panel-col-first .view-banner .view-data-field-action-shot-fid .item-list li {
  list-style: none;

Drupal new taxonomy terms not appearing as option for old content

Did you add a taxonomy term to a vocabulary and it's just not showing up on existing content, contrary to all known laws of Drupal taxonomy?

Are you also using localization (l10n) / internationalization (i18n) such that your vocabularies and (even if you don't know it) terms can declare a language?

Check the language of that term. It will rudely default to the default language of the user you are using to add the term, even if the vocabulary overall declares itself to be neutral (blank) with respect to language.

Validation error on search form, contact site admin. But I am the site admin!

Search causes validation errors: how to disable caching for certain pages?

Not Boost!

Using search pages causes a validation error only when logged in.

It might be triggered by my consolidating the web pages onto one domain, and restricting the cookies to one domain slightly before that. When I looked at the code, the form token simply wasn't being produced-- the form element was a "" instead of a random alphanumeric string.

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