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Imagefield images disappears entirely when set to use Lightbox2 in CCK field display settings
says, get the latest dev release

Stella hasn't done an official release since June! (As of October 30.) But she has kept the amazing Lightbox2 up to date and working in the Drupal 6 dev branch; the latest development snapshot is from October 27 right now.

Songbird isn't seeing iPod Shuffle

On a forum that Songbird very, very foolishly took down (formerly at, and only existed in Google cache as of today, and probably not much longer:

Chilibird Says: Sun, 06/29/2008 - 7:10pm

Well, I mistakenly found a workaround to this bug. Bumping in case anyone else has a problem.

If one deletes the iPod_Control directory on the Shuffle, Songbird will recognize the iPod the next time that it is connected. So far, I haven't had any issues, and music transfers and plays with no issue.

Menus (and other theme options) disappear after directly editing the theme settings variable

After directly replacing just the icon location (changing sites/example to sites/default and nothing else) in the theme settings (global and theme-specific) of a site recently updated from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6, the menu for the site disappeared with array_merge errors in two lines in the ./includes/ file.

Going to the global theme settings and resaving the variables (which were all missing, no checkboxes marked) fixed the problem.

Strange. But true!


Openbase_dir redirection error

Errors from would-be user of SCF:

Drupal 6 bug: installation profile theme not enabled

Some crazy ways I looked to work around this bug for the SCF installation profile.

Repeating the update system line certainly did not do it:

Error based on stale schema cache?

I received an error because the schema for member module wasn't loading. After visiting the modules page all was fine.

Wireless Problems on HP Pavilion dv6000: Ubuntu or bad hardware?

Wireless suddenly stopped working on my mother's Ubuntu-ized HP laptop.

It's the lousy hardware all by itself:

Fixing file paths after a change in location of a site's files directory

If, like Agaric, you're moving from multisite to separate installations for each site (or vice versa) you may find your user-uploaded file paths changing. Drag.

The solution is updating your database, and you can replace part of the file path with straight SQL:

UPDATE files SET filepath = REPLACE(filepath, "sites/", "sites/default/files/")

Not dead yet: Overcoming fatal errors converting a theme with some override functions in template.php

Upgrading a theme from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6, Agaric ran across this lovely fatal error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function menu_item_link() in /sites/example/www/sites/default/themes/agaric_custom_theme/template.php on line 15

And indeed, menu_item_link ends with Drupal 5:

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