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Event views module calls views_invalidate_cache too often

I don't think this should be called on what seemed like most every page load. This is a significant problem with a lot of locale/i18n languages.

Views titles and text and i18n, a preliminary preface to a dirty hack

Internationalization module (i18n) now supports views in a way-- unfortunately I think it hard wires in the

sure how well that works with the preferred "show current language and no language" setting.

And there's still no goddamned "show in the user's preferred language if available, if not in the default language." That's what we need. There shouldn't even be a conceptual hack of "no language" – content is either in a language or it isn't. But all that's another story.

GMap sometimes not showing up on a custom front page call

This thread may be related to both our binary log clogging by cache menu and the problem at hand here, the map not displaying some of the time:

Google Map script loads on every page

bdragon - February 6, 2007 - 14:45
Here's what's happening:

RSS problems Drupal to Drupal

drupal feed seems to be broken, because of error "Invalid document end" on line 1

If a feed can't work from one Drupal site to another...

Maybe these folks are right:

Funny though, they're a Drupal site, and don't give any answers for Drupal!

We need a solid solution for Drupal for both ends: a cleaner RSS output, and a more forgiving RSS reader.


Taxonomy translation: better way in Drupal 5?

taxonomy translation
Drupal taxonomy term translation

i18n: how to translate taxonomy terms

Multilingual categories

From the i18n/contributed/README.txt

MySQL Binary Logs of Death

MySQL Binary Logs of Death (er, I mean, "on Debian")

This guy (a man very much after my own heart, he started logging this problem of a full root partition before he had a solution) had the same problem, but didn't seem to think it was a problem:
MySQL binary log space (Debian) 10/15/07

Upping memory command line PHP memory limits so you can use Drush

UPDATE: Short and sweet the error and the fix (on Ubuntu, at least) with none of the jibber-jabber below.

ben@ebony-ubuntu:~/code/anjali/drupal$ drush updatecode

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 122880 bytes) in /home/ben/code/anjali/drupal/sites/all/modules/quiz/quiz.module on line 677
Drush command could not be completed. [error]

Start editing the command line php configuration (initialization) file with:
sudo vi /etc/php5/cli/php.ini

Scalar value variable issues

So we had these problems (at end of post). Fairly noticable.

Deleted everything we could find that could cause it (after making a hackish custom error message setting, see blockquote here)

<pre>function wsf_action_init() {

Usernode module causes nesting level too deep (recursion) in Devel's Macro module

So-- is the problem devel's macro or Agaric's custom module and/or configuration?

Nesting level too deep - recursive dependency macro
usernode recursive

not relevant, but probably very useful as Drupal goes more OOP:


Wasted a lot of time with Filemerge insisting huge paste was one line

Wasted a lot of time trying to compare the results of two drupal_set_message print array wrapped in pre tags, copied out of the browser.

Various text editors treated it as having multiple lines (around 3,000 lines, in fact) but FileMerge insisted that it was one giant line. I tried saving, again with multiple editors, to Unix line ending type. I do use Unix-style line breaks by default ("LF") but this had no effect.

Anyone have any experience/advice on this?

FileMerge uses diff, and it doesn't work in diff either.

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