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Taxonomy translation: better way in Drupal 5?

taxonomy translation
Drupal taxonomy term translation

i18n: how to translate taxonomy terms

Multilingual categories

From the i18n/contributed/README.txt

These are additional modules for i18n package


Translates taxonomy terms running them through localization.
Can be enabled/disabled per vocabulary.
Provides some views support.

[8:05pm] ben-agaric: How does one translate taxonomy terms with i18n? I see the tab, but I can't seem to dod anything with it.
[8:06pm] • ben-agaric is reduced to looking through the code to try to figure out how to use a finished module
[8:06pm] Teln12100 joined the chat room.
[8:06pm] Michelle: Are there handbook pages on it?
[8:06pm] ben-agaric: Michelle: nope, not that I can find
[8:07pm] • ben-agaric will write one if he can figure it out
[8:07pm] Michelle: That's surprising for such a big module
[8:07pm] Michelle: I've never used it. Thankfully I only have to deal with one language
[8:07pm] ben-agaric: taxonomy terms seem to be a forgotten piece.
[8:08pm] Michelle: Well, I hope you get it figured out


Answer did get pointed out to me a bit later, lost log of whom:

Multilingual categories



  • Somewhat counter-intuitively, create (or edit) your vocabulary to have no language selected– under "Multilingual options"

    This language will be set for all terms in this vocabulary

  • drupal backport taxonomy localization



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