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What should I say?

As part of a build-a-module-and-blog-about-it slot in the first round of the Knight News Challenge, I'm being asked to, well, blog. Which Knight and MediaShift (PBS) will promote. What I'm really going for is a much bigger and far less tame goal than Related Content– approximately, revolution against bad, anti-people media. That's step one in a building a larger, more successful movement for justice, liberty, and a happier planet.

Agaric wants to be able to override Drupal form validation errors

Validation error, please try again. If this error persists, please contact the site administrator.

OK. It persists, and I am the site administrator. What exactly am I supposed to do?

Vi arrow keys not working

UPDATE: The reason is that vi is old and not so great, and the new Vim that replaces it is set to run in compatibility mode (reproducing vi's old way of doing things) by default.

Put a line:
set nocompatible
in your ~/.vimrc file.

This FAQ is pretty useless, since no one actually has vi anymore I don't think, so there's no reason to suffer like it says:

Locate command in GNU-Linux gives error

Your server telling you there's no file called locatedb when you try to locate, well, something else? The command below should fix you.



Give choice to show body field label, as for CCK field labels, on custom content types

Agaric wants to optionally be able to display the label for the node body on CCK content types.

On the "note" content type, the real and true body has the label name "Resolution"-- but you won't see where the body starts because it doesn't show up!

(This text is in the Description & Info textfield, which is labeled.)


Is the only solution theming cck the agaric way?

Attribute Wiki changes

When someone edits the wiki, there is no trace of it having been edited - in other words, if I post a page, and you come along and delete what I've written and write some crazy manifesto, your manifesto is attributed to me. Is there any way to highlight or otherwise distinguish content submitted by different users? Or to make "changes" visible, with the proper attribution to each successive author?

Philosophically, wiki pages shouldn't show a single author anyway. So we'll disable showing the creator for that content type.

Does Autosave module for Drupal increase crashing? Does NOT save with imagefield

Dan had autosave enabled and yet after a Firefox crash on Windows Vista (Bad Dan! Bad Vista!) so I naturally checked to see if anyone else thought autosave might actually be able to cause or trigger browser crashing. Search came up clean.


Probably not: there are no other reports of autosave possibly contributing to a crash, so autosave is probably innocent.

But if you're searching the Internet for this problem, and find this post, let Agaric know! That's evidence, Watson.

Clean URLs don't work on test sites on a different port

This is most curious. URL path rewriting to allow clean urls (no ?q= in Drupal) work just fine on all the sites on the server except those that are accessed through the port that directs

I've checked out the rules in the sites-available configuration files and all of this is exactly the same.

Somewhere there must be port-specific rules that set up URL rewriting for the normal port 80 only?

I removed "Indexes" that followed Options and indented the Order allow etc commands, so that it looks identical to its live sibling, just a tad higher in the same file:

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