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Redirect to Drupal front page

    // if the data's not good, send us to the home page
    // note:  drupal_goto without any arguments sends to / - the front page
    // or could use <front> -- url() is called and treats the same
    // so this is not necessary:
  return drupal_goto(drupal_get_normal_path(variable_get('site_frontpage', 'node')));
   // this will do:
  return drupal_goto();


Photo management software for Linux
- may be safest-- as the default on Ubuntu, this should be expected to be the one that at the least has the most migration scripts written for it eventually to better options!


Drupal search unpublished content

No answer:
How Can I Search Unpublished Content?

Romania had a similar issue:
Can't access unpublished content that needs editing

Synching a new Webform with Salesforce

"Ensure all Webforms are exposed to Salesforce"

The form will be exposed to Salesforce module. Then go back to:

Where the form will be listed as disabled:

[See screenshot]

Configure first, and then enable.


Semantic Web session at DrupalCampNYC5

Leads the New York City Semantic Web Meetup.

RDF - Resource Description Framework
Sparql - an RDF query language

RDF by nature is a graph, whereas a relational database typically fits into tables. That's the biggest difference

Define parents to match your data set and it will create a subgraph.

Define graph please?

A graph is a label and a value.

My presentation for my CEO a year ago:

Relationships are directed. The relationship has a type and a direction.

If you just use a tag, you get a cloud.

Print name and filename of the top-most file attached to a Drupal post

This is very much a hack, as it puts far too much database loading and PHP logic not even in the theme layer, but worse, embedded in the content itself. A better version might use the theme layer to make the $filename and other such variables available to certain content types with files attached, for instance.

For now... here's the hacky way. But first, some of the research to get us there:

php get first element of array

Delete all nodes of a given content type with code ('cause, say, you're using Drupal 4.7)

Adapted from Kathleen Murtaugh's How to make mass changes to nodes in Drupal, just replacing most of the interesting parts with simply node_delete.

Code for Amazing Things online fundraising auction, the Drupal 4.7 corpse i reanimate year after year.

Dropbox functionality (of the kind wanted for Related Content) already implemented

"chx has a dropbox module in CVS, which'd provide a 'clipboard' for putting stuff into, for operations to be taken on later." (catch comment on Taxonomy improvements thread)


RDF Roundup

Resources and tools related to RDF


W3C RDF Overview page, more recent Semantic Web activities.

RDF category of Drupal modules for download:

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