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Delete all nodes of a given content type with code ('cause, say, you're using Drupal 4.7)

Adapted from Kathleen Murtaugh's How to make mass changes to nodes in Drupal, just replacing most of the interesting parts with simply node_delete.

Code for Amazing Things online fundraising auction, the Drupal 4.7 corpse i reanimate year after year.

= "SELECT n.nid
          FROM {node} n
          WHERE n.type = 'my_content_type'
          ORDER BY n.nid DESC"
$result = db_query($sql);


$processed_nodes = 0;


$anode = db_fetch_object($result)) {


$message = $processed_nodes.' nodes were deleted.';
  } else {
$message = 'No nodes were deleted.';




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