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Overriding Nice Menus CSS the Agaric Way

Technically, this is overriding Nice menus the Nice menus way...

I pulled all nice menu css out of style.css and put it in nice_menus_custom.css and set this theme path so it overrides modules/nice_menus_default.css by entering the new path at the top of admin/themes/settings

Overriding Fivestar star images with just CSS (and, well, graphics)

Copy this (from fivestar's CSS) into your theme's styles.css file, and change the background url to match your own graphic file:

div.fivestar-widget-static .star {
  float: left;
  width: 17px;
  height: 15px;
  overflow: hidden;
  text-indent: -999em;
  background: url(widgets/default/star.gif) no-repeat 0 0px;

IE6 Transparent PNG Fix the Drupal Way

This is the IM conversation on implementing a jQuery ie6 PNG fix. Dan's elegant solution will go below... i don't quite follow where he put everything...


just dump it in the theme folder?

benjamin melançon:


Drupal or Wordpress? Making a quick simple site

E-mail subject: Drupal or Wordpress?

Hey friend,

How is things?

So, my school has asked me to design a site for them. How do I use wordpress or drupal to do so? They can't pay me much or I'd just pay you to do it! They have hosting and everything, so I just need to create a little mini site to link off of their big one ... It is an aftercare program I work for... and l need to just create a number of pages for it. I would love to make a mock up today.

Thanks for any advice you might be able to offer,

Which is faster to check, Drupal's module_exists or PHP's function_exists?

Which is faster (better performance) - module_exists or function_exists?

How to theme a Drupal form

Update: This tutorial has been revised significantly to provide a robust solution consistently works.

Define a function named your_theme_name_ or phptemplate_ plus name_of_form($form).

Chris DiBona on the history of open source free software, live from DrupalCon Boston

Google and open source

Laura Scott:

We've done most of our growth in the past year

Television sucks
the web sucks
but on the web you get to pick what you want

open source world is part of the answer

popsci session and coming

Chris DiBona

I've been overly influenced by my six year old...

Open Source is Magic

instead of my usual boring, Google is awesome presentation

most of my gray hair came from my first summer of code

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