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Installing current Inkscape on Debian or Linux Mint Debian Edition

As of 2016, stable Debian repositories still have a very old version of Inkscape (0.48.5-3 in the default repos). The testing and unstable branches of Debian have the current recommended release, however, so it's quite simple to get it on your Debian:

Set a separate browser window page title from HTML page title (Drupal 7)

This code shows how to set the browser bar page title the Page Title module way, without that module. (This was motivated simply because we were already gathering the info for another purpose in hook_node_view_alter(); there's no reason not to use Page Title!)

Overriding Django's admin template from a custom app

If you have tried to override an administrative template in Django using the app directories template loader functionality, you may have found yourself growing frustrated— I mean, you may have found yourself going insane.

The problem was acknowledged but

The order of INSTALLED_APPS is significant! Translations and Templates in Django can be overridden; the first app found will have priority.

Adding an application available to Debian Wheezy to Mint (LMDE)

I very much like having an autocomplete application launcher (one button to launch the launcher, and type a letter or three to select the program you want, and enter to launch it), and Synapse is the best i've used.

With no other recommendations forthcoming from Mint Debian Edition's official package list, and with Synapse clearly stable for Debian, the need seemed clear: add Debian's packages to LMDE in a way that wouldn't cause unintended updates to Debian, rather than LMDE-released, versions of packages which they share.

Using Redshift with Mint on Debian

Redshift is a program that gives your computer screen a dimmer brightness, and indeed a more red hue, at night.

It fails silently on most non-Ubuntu Debian systems. Well, it seems like a silent fail or crash if you don't run the command in the terminal. If you do run the command gtk-redshift in the terminal, the output is perfectly comprehensible:

Initialization of gnome-clock failed.
Trying next provider...
Latitude and longitude must be set.

Set date and time on virtual machine independent of host machine

Our setup is a Debian guest with VirtualBox on an Ubuntu host, but the two basic steps look like they are the same on any combination.

Shut down all virtual machines and close VirtualBox first.

To the main VirtualBox configuration file — ~/.VirtualBox/VirtualBox.xml — and to the specific virtual machine's configuration file — something like ~/VirtualBox\ VMs/somename_default_1415392315537_7406/somename_default_1415392315537_7406.vbox — add the following, identical line into the existing <ExtraData> sections:

Change the date of a node, using the database

Change the date of a node, using the database. XYZ represents the node ID (NID)

cd /vagrant
drush sql-cli
update node set changed = 1450958544 where nid = XYZ;
update node set changed = 1451563344 where nid = XYZ;

This example sets the time for 2 nodes, the first to 47 weeks ahead and the second update line sets the timestamp 50 weeks ahead of todays date, 1/28/2015

Add a replacement pattern token for a Views field rewrite results

Views fields offer the opportunity to "Rewrite results: Rewrite the output of this field". The option further specifies "Enable to override the output of this field with custom text or replacement tokens." It then provides a textarea with the instruction: "The text to display for this field. You may include HTML. You may enter data from this view as per the 'Replacement patterns' below." The replacement patterns, in turn, have the introduction: "The following tokens are available for this field.

Day-to-day usage of Gnucash for a Worker Cooperative

To view an account with all its subaccounts, go to the main Accounts tab, right click on the account you want to view, and select "Open SubAccounts".

For example, to see the checking account including each member's budget, go to Assets:Current Assets:DCU Checking and Edit > Open SubAccounts (or right/option click as mentioned).

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