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Information on how to do something... anything.

Change the text of a tab, such as 'View', for one node type

* Implements hook_menu_alter().
* Use a title callback to replace the text shown on nodes' "View" tab.
function example_menu_alter(&$items) {

How to create a Feature without the initial download through the UI

If you hate downloading and unzipping the initial feature you create as much as i do, because you haven't bothered with that foolishness since Drush, this post is for you.

This is the minimal information needed (from my experimentation) for Features to recognize your module as a Features module. Then you can add variables and other features through the UI (or Drush), and drush fu feature_example to update your module code (where feature_example is the name of your feature) and fu stands for features-update.


Preprocess from a module: removing the content author from Drupal 7 search results

All, not just most, but all the content on a particular site was set to be posted without showing the by-line or submitted by text. Given this requirement, it makes no sense to have search results show the user that submitted the content, every time. This can be themed away in search-result.tpl.php or it can be removed with a pre-process function as shown below.

You can do this from a module or a theme, where 'example' is the system name of that module or theme:

Enhance your prompt with git information

Git provides a series of enhancements for the bash prompt. It can display the current branch when inside a working copy. Here's an example from my machine:

[email protected]:~/Documents/Projects/Drupal/test(master *)$

It shows the branch name and indicates by an asterisk that I have uncommitted changes.

Working with Agaric Easy On-ramp: Browser Certificate

Click the following link:

And accept the certificate for all purposes.

(For more information and for Internet Explorer, see the site.

How to Write a Bug Report

The official! How to make an issue report, part of the official guide to using the issue queue.

See also Report a problem in the Troubleshooting guide.

And the Views issue queue guidelines which are comprehensive and rigorous and puts the entire process in one document, and almost everything can be directly or with minor adaptation applied to other projects.

Use Drush to sync files from one site to another

Believe it or not, this is the function you want:

core-rsync (rsync) Rsync the Drupal tree to/from another server using ssh.

For example:

drush rsync @example.stage:%files @example.local:%files

Can't do remote to remote though.

Pushing our local repository to Gitorious

git checkout master
git remote add origin [email protected]:remarkup/remarkup.git
git push origin master

This was for a module named "remarkup" as covered in

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