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Using Drush 3.1 by installing it in your local user directory

The version of drush in Debian is way behind. Drush 3.1 has been out for a month, Drush reached stable 3.0 on April 23.

Stefan was unsympathetic:

That does not mean the package is ready. What the upstream authors consider stable and the Debian community considers stable might be different things, too. Quality is Debian's top priority not up to date software. In addition to that it will only get into the next stable distro and maybe into the backports repository. In that case we get the upgrade automatically.

Change the vocabulary of a taxonomy term in Drupal 7 using the database

By clicking the wrong Add terms link, i managed to add a couple terms to the wrong vocabulary.

One of the powerful things about taxonomy is that all terms are really equals under the hood, no matter what vocabulary they belong to. Unfortunately, Drupal does not make this power available through the UI. We can, however,

Improving on a patch

cd drupal
patch -p0 < book-589440-38.patch
drush dl devel

Tip: The patch command needs the angle bracket (alligator mouth) to eat the patch file!


Execute command-line statements from within the vi editor

It is very simple and occasionally useful to access the power of the shell from within your vim text editor. In normal mode (esc from insert mode), simply type, colon included


Commands must be preceded by a bang symbol (exclamation mark). Some examples:

:r !date
Wed Apr 21 23:04:22 PDT 2010

Personally, i'll find this useful simply for putting in paths from the file system that i may not be certain of but that bash's tab autocomplete will be able to verify for me.

Updating old Agaric projects to new Rake system

Superseded, see setting up new Ubuntu computer Agaric style.

This is Agaric internal documentation, related to Deploying the Agaric Way. Make sure that you have a checkout of the siteproj 'base' project. If not, git clone it into your file system.

These instructions should be good for all legacy projects:

Redirect multiple domain names to single canonical domain for your site

This Apache rule describes how to have all selected domains and subdomains for a site come up in the site visitor's browser address bar as your one chosen canonical domain.

Here is an all-in-one-line approach:

Drush database commands

Update: See

[Note: currently written mostly from memory after using the commands, not copy-pasting proven commands as i usually do]

How to become a channel operator


How to become (or make someone else) a channel operator, for a channel you have registered: use the form "/msg chanserv op #chatroom nickname", for instance:

/msg chanserv op #agaric ben-agaric

This will op people in channels where you have this permission, which would seem to include unofficial channels.

For registered channels you have to be the one who registered (or maybe other things), and you need to be a registered user yourself.

Creating a Subtheme in Drupal 7

Bear with us, and Drupal 7. There are some non-intuitive steps in the subtheming, but the power, simplicity of modifying, and relative ease of upgrading is worth it.

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