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Saving message entities programmatically

Our use case, re-saving existing messages, is a bit more complex than it should be, but not bad. This code will work for new or existing messages.

Where $exports is an array of long text strings that is each the JSON dump received form exporting a message type through the UI:

foreach ($exports as $export) {
$entity = entity_import('message_type', $export);
$query = new EntityFieldQuery();
$result = $query->entityCondition('entity_type', 'message_type')->propertyCondition('name', $entity->name)->execute();
    if (
$result) {
$entity->is_new = FALSE;
$entity->id = array_shift(array_keys($result['message_type']));
entity_save('message_type', $entity);
$label = entity_label('message_type', $entity);
watchdog('message_type', 'Imported message_type %label.', array('%label' => $label));
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And deleting them...

= array(
$result = $query->entityCondition('entity_type', 'message_type')->propertyCondition('name', $names)->execute();


// Delete message types that are no longer used.
entity_delete_multiple('message_type', array_keys($result));

Note that if the message is provided in code, deleting just has the effect of setting it to default. (Note: Pretty sure it didn't work when deleting by name directly, rather than looking up the ID first, but i might have been looking at the wrong environment...)

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