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Definitive Guide to Drupal 7

Direct incoming nids to node/nid

A simple module could check for integer in the first part of the argument and send to the node ID for a very simple way of shortening URLs on a Drupal site.

Done (and then some) in Drupal 6 with this module:

Done in Drupal 7 here:

What are people who do Drupal called? The definitive list.

In alphabetical order. All labels are provided in their singular form:

Drupal developer
Drupal front-end developer
Drupal themer
Drupal user

Taking part in the Drupal community

Based on the latest Drupal user ID being at nearly 800,000, and odd-numbered accounts being given out up to at least Drupal user ID 400,001, there are at least 600,000 registrations. Even if about 10 percent of registrations overall were spam (this could be higher), there are still a half million registered users.

Execute command-line statements from within the vi editor

It is very simple and occasionally useful to access the power of the shell from within your vim text editor. In normal mode (esc from insert mode), simply type, colon included


Commands must be preceded by a bang symbol (exclamation mark). Some examples:

:r !date
Wed Apr 21 23:04:22 PDT 2010

Personally, i'll find this useful simply for putting in paths from the file system that i may not be certain of but that bash's tab autocomplete will be able to verify for me.

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