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Definitive Guide to Drupal 7

Do not link to the page we are currently on

Is this a generally accepted concept that links on a page should never go to that page itself?

Found this: "No link in a menu should simply reload the page itself"

How to do it:

Menu System - Drupal API

Using Drush 3.1 by installing it in your local user directory

The version of drush in Debian is way behind. Drush 3.1 has been out for a month, Drush reached stable 3.0 on April 23.

Stefan was unsympathetic:

That does not mean the package is ready. What the upstream authors consider stable and the Debian community considers stable might be different things, too. Quality is Debian's top priority not up to date software. In addition to that it will only get into the next stable distro and maybe into the backports repository. In that case we get the upgrade automatically.

Critical information to hold onto for your web site

1: The login to the domain registrars hosting your web site domain name (

2: The login to whereever DNS (domain name servers) are managed for these domains

3: The login to e-mail address, and any e-mail address being used as the point of contact for any of these services.

4: The login to the website host.

These are things for which we really don't want a single point of failure.

Losing one's domain name is one of the most serious things that can happen to one's online presence.

Drupal 7 and Views 3: Coming soon (already) to a website near you

Earl Miles (merlinofchaos) Views 3 Roadmap:

Views 3 is ported and working for Drupal 7.

dereine (Daniel Wehner) has been making many of the 7.x commits.

The goal is for Views 3 to use CTools as a dependency, but CTools is still in development for Drupal 7:[]=103

Change the vocabulary of a taxonomy term in Drupal 7 using the database

By clicking the wrong Add terms link, i managed to add a couple terms to the wrong vocabulary.

One of the powerful things about taxonomy is that all terms are really equals under the hood, no matter what vocabulary they belong to. Unfortunately, Drupal does not make this power available through the UI. We can, however,

Improving on a patch

cd drupal
patch -p0 < book-589440-38.patch
drush dl devel

Tip: The patch command needs the angle bracket (alligator mouth) to eat the patch file!


Typography example page for Drupal sites

Typography test page, such as here:

People are operating off a template pasted into a node, it seems, and while copying the source should work fine there must be the original example and it could be made a module :-)

Update: I've done a simple version of this module.

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