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Views 3

Views display naming practices: don't rename the Default display

[note] The Default display is always the Default display. Changing its name will just confuse ourselves and others, and should not be done. [/note]

And in Views 3, we cannot change the name of the Default display anymore.

If this software keeps getting better and more intuitive, how am i supposed to <a">write about how to use it?

Drupal 7 and Views 3: Coming soon (already) to a website near you

Earl Miles (merlinofchaos) Views 3 Roadmap:

Views 3 is ported and working for Drupal 7.

dereine (Daniel Wehner) has been making many of the 7.x commits.

The goal is for Views 3 to use CTools as a dependency, but CTools is still in development for Drupal 7:[]=103

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