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Wireless router connection failing to establish with Windows Vista

Best solution to this problem: Dump Vista and Windows entirely.

But if you can't switch to Ubuntu or something reasonable quite yet, and Windows Vista is telling you your wireless network passkey, passphrase, or password is incorrect when you know it's not...

The real problem? Even though it was saying that the password / passkey was wrong, the actual problem was that the wireless router signal strength wasn't quite strong enough at that location (even though it was more than strong enough to do everything with the MacBook). So in addition to having the most hidden, annoying, and hard to use configuration of anything I've ever seen, network connections in Vista flat-out lied about the problem. Moving the laptop closer to the router made the correct password work.

How we would have expected to solve the problem based on Vista's error message....

Sarah Bassett:

You can logon to the router and the option to change or remove the password is in there.

You can also try this:

Right click on the wireless network icon next to the system time, and select Network and Sharing Center
Click Manage Wireless Networks on the left
Double click on ExampleNameOfNetwork
Click Security tab
Make sure the following are set:

Security Type || WPA Personal
Encryption Type || TKIP
Network security key || YourPasswordHere

But you can't make Vista not stupid. It was designed to irritate, annoy and frustrate. It is a "feature"

Good luck, and try not to hurt anyone :)

On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 3:25 PM, Benjamin Melancon wrote:

Hi Sarah,

I can't get Grandpa's new Dell Inspiron Microsoft Vista laptop to work on
ExampleNameOfNetwork. It sees the network but says your password, which works for me,
doesn't work.

How do you turn off or change the password on the router? Or tell Vista not
to be insanely stupid?