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Railo/Coldfusion can't use function postType that exists in an in-scope CFWheels view helper

In short: POSTTYPE() has "No matching Method/Function"... even though i just defined it. If i define/call it with a different name, it works.

Railo Error (expression)

Message No matching Method/Function for POSTTYPE()
Stacktrace The Error Occurred in
/home/ben/code/gymnet/views/feed/_display_feed.cfm: line 3

    1: <div class="feed">
    2: <cfoutput query="statuses">
    3: <cfset postType = postType()>

Here's the function, plainly defined in views/feed/helpers.cfm:

<cffunction name="postType">
  <cfreturn "huh">

It was seeing it, it seemed, until i removed the arguments (passing in a status struct that didn't . But it didn't start working when i put back an argument (without a type defined, it only worked when it was type="struct").

Still didn't work in helpers/functions.cfm

Started working when i changed the function name to postWTFType(). Don't think there's anything i have to add to that.


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