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Making it so code-provided menu links can have their titles edited

This link is provided by the module. "The title and path cannot be edited." Drupal 8

This issue is about fixing the home link in the standard profile. We should let that fix go in. That said, i'm with those saying we (also) need a general solution for this.

The problem is that module-provided (or install profile provided) menu links cannot have their titles edited, and this is unconscionably annoying. Yet the solution here is to make one link not be directly code-defined.

I got here looking for a way to let site administrators edit the name of the menu link that Give module provides. As a maintainer of the module I could simply give people another field in the configuration of the module, but making module-provided menu items have easily overridable, translatable titles is a common need that should have a fix in Drupal core.

Ancient workaround: Override the title of a Menu Item (Local task)

A modern workaround:

A request just to improve the error message:

The simple disable and add a new custom menu item approach:

    enabled: true
    menu_name: footer
    parent: ''
    weight: 0
    expanded: false
  default_config_hash: jdY7AU0tU-QsjmiOw3W8vwpYMb-By--_MSFgbqKUTY

A site administrator can change the name of the menu link

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