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JavaScript to open external sites (not on domain or subdomain) in new target

It's bad Web practice to open any links in a separate window, but it does help when going for an HTML mobile app and it's becoming accepted expected behavior for anything with a stream.

So here's the JavaScript:

  // Open external links in a new window or tab.
  var domain = window.location.hostname;
  domain = domain.substring(domain.indexOf('.') + 1);
  var not = '[href*="' + domain + '"]';

From the commit log:

    Get current domain, open non-current in new
    But ignore subdomains.  This keeps people on Activore while browsing
    Activore but open non-Activore links in a new window.
    Note: As written it will also open "" in the same
    window.  This was considered preferable to opening ""
    in a new window, and i deemed further checking needlessly complicated.
    Fixes #1736
    ... better, this time, as this works on test sites, which we really
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