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A couple VCL changes when upgrading to Varnish 3

The error messages Varnish provides are very informative.

tail -f /var/log/varnish/current

2014-03-02_03:52:40.47449 --------------------########-----------------------
2014-03-02_03:52:40.47450 Running VCC-compiler failed, exit 1
2014-03-02_03:52:40.47476 VCL compilation failed
2014-03-02_03:52:41.49353 Message from VCC-compiler:
2014-03-02_03:52:41.49356 Unknown variable 'req.hash'
2014-03-02_03:52:41.49360 At: ('/etc/varnish/example-includes/device-detect/device-detect.vcl' Line 61 Pos 21)
2014-03-02_03:52:41.49361 set req.hash += req.http.X-Device;

This change was clearly documented, and made in a few places:

So changed:

# Add the device to the hash (if its a mobile device)
sub vcl_hash {
        if (req.http.X-Device ~ "^mobile") {
                set req.hash += req.http.X-Device;


# Add the device to the hash (if its a mobile device)
sub vcl_hash {
        if (req.http.X-Device ~ "^mobile") {

Note: If you get the error "Unknown variable 'hash_data'" be sure you haven't left "set" before hash_data.

Also had to make similar changes to (and where you will be more likely to) our /etc/varnish/sites/example.vcl

The other error was "Expected ';' got 'obj.status'" and i couldn't
figure it out, so i removed the whole custom error message function that had it. (Same approach taken here.)

Searched words: 
varnish3 req.hash varnish Unknown variable 'hash_data' varnish


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