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Adding action links to pages in Drupal 8

To add an action link for creating content of a given node type on a related listing view, you could add to 'example' module an example.links.action.yml file with contents like the following:

  route_name: 'node.add'
    node_type: 'resource'
  title: 'Add resource'
    - view.search_resources_content.page_1

drupal 8 action links on dynamic routes
links.action.yml appears_on dynamic

To put an action link on an arbitrary node page, you'll need to get the route for that node. You can't do drupal router:debug | grep '/my-alias' nor even drupal router:debug | grep '/node/8' — console is only providing the real routes, not the (literally infinite) paths that can be created by these routes.

If you do:

drupal router:debug | grep '/node/'

You'll note it returns the route:




You cannot use a yaml file to put an action link on a dynamic path, on a route name only when given a parameter, such as a particular node.


How do I create a link to add a specific content type

Create an "add content" link in View Header that is only visible to users with appropriate permissions. [Solved]

Add link to add content to views lists

Add action link to view

See also:

Local action links now provided by plugins using YAML discovery and implementing LocalActionInterface

YAML files for menu links, contextual links, local tasks, and local actions have been renamed!core!modules!block_content!block_content.links.action.yml/8

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