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Benjamin Melançon

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Raw DataCreating nicely formatted PDFs from Markdown files with Atom editor Benjamin Melançon03 weeks 6 days ago
Raw DataExtending GDPR module's consent sub-module Benjamin Melançon012 weeks 2 days ago
Raw DataTalmud: Git version-controlled, free, open, collaboratively-written books the way G-d intended Benjamin Melançon614 weeks 2 days ago
Raw DataFormat code blocks within bulletted lists with ReStructured Text (rst) Benjamin Melançon014 weeks 6 days ago
Raw DataAccommodation Ideas for Workers with Mental Health Impairments Benjamin Melançon023 weeks 1 day ago
Raw DataVulnerability scanning Benjamin Melançon024 weeks 23 hours ago
Raw DataResources and organizations of interest to Drutopia development Benjamin Melançon027 weeks 6 days ago
Raw DataThe disappearing "You have unsaved changes" message Drupal 8 is frustratingly disruptive Benjamin Melançon028 weeks 13 min ago
Raw DataTime Tracking and Hours Reports in GitLab with GTT Benjamin Melançon028 weeks 1 day ago
Raw DataIn search of values Benjamin Melançon038 weeks 2 hours ago
Raw DataBetter Registration and Login Workflow for Drupal 8, allowing logging in or registering while posting content Benjamin Melançon040 weeks 1 day ago
Raw DataMaking it so code-provided menu links can have their titles edited Benjamin Melançon044 weeks 5 days ago
Raw DataFeedback on private, secure cloud storage / backup given to Least Authority Benjamin Melançon048 weeks 2 hours ago
Raw DataAdding action links to pages in Drupal 8 Benjamin Melançon048 weeks 20 hours ago
Raw DataGet a Git diff of the previous commit Benjamin Melançon248 weeks 1 day ago
Raw DataUsing CSS to proportionally scale an image with a width and height set in source Benjamin Melançon051 weeks 2 days ago
Raw DataHow to install Riot desktop (Matrix client) on Debian-based systems Benjamin Melançon101 year 20 hours ago
Raw DataResources about building an educational community Benjamin Melançon01 year 3 days ago
Raw DataSolving a newly installed application not running on Debian when you vaguely recall the app is Python Benjamin Melançon01 year 5 weeks ago
Raw DataDoing well on job interviews and employment tests Benjamin Melançon01 year 5 weeks ago
Raw DataDate field date-only migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 Benjamin Melançon11 year 6 weeks ago
Raw DataSend commit message to IRC Benjamin Melançon01 year 6 weeks ago
Raw DataTesting an image file upload for Drupal 8 with Behat, maddeningly requiring a web driver with JavaScript Benjamin Melançon01 year 6 weeks ago
Raw DataInstalling current Inkscape on Debian or Linux Mint Debian Edition Benjamin Melançon11 year 11 weeks ago
Raw DataUndo a git add - remove files staged for a git commit Benjamin Melançon11 year 12 weeks ago