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Time Tracking and Hours Reports in GitLab with GTT

GitLab has time tracking (caveat: Unfortunately this is the Enterprise Edition, not the fully Free Software Community Edition). See:

What it doesn't have is any evident way to see, in a reasonable overview, this time that's been tracked.

I got no responses asking this in #gitlab on IRC: Is there any UI for seeing tracked time by person? I can't find it (or any project overview of time tracked) and it's not documented if there is. As a fallback, is there a way to export this time estimate and tracked information? I'm on but we might go self-hosted at some point, so i'm interested on info about both. didn't have much.

Never did find the documentation for the API of getting tracked time. But i found an awesome tool that makes full use of that API:


Installing that command line wonder was pretty easy.

Upgraded Node on my system with:

Installed Yarn per this:

And then followed the installation instructions:


gtt report "uc-davis/patient-hm-brain"

Searched words: 
GitLab timetracking output report


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