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Druplicon is a Feature (Embedded Media Field Overlay Post)

A Drupal mask over thumbnails...

"A strange bug with the last version, ie a span tag wich appears over thumbnails"

It's a slightly scary Druplicon.

AlexUA: "This is a feature, and you can disable it on the main Emfield configuration page."

By the way... the Problem this Update Fixed, and the Drupal Problem-solving Approach

Go to the page of the module that has the problem.

How to restart Drupal bot (and wish to automatically restart)

The first start

cd /home/members/agariclabs/sites/
php bot_start.php --root /home/members/agariclabs/sites/ --url

Older discussion about restarting below (uses test server paths)

To restart your friendly neighborhood drupal bot when it no longer responds to commands, first kill the zombie bot for real.

When you kill it, the bot disappears from the channels so you don't have to kick it out, and the re-started bot will be able to claim its proper name.

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